What Is the Nursery?

The nursery is an opportunity for parishioners to send infants and young children to a wonderful space where they can have fun and make friends. The nursery is staffed by a combination of part-time Christ the King staff and volunteers who have completed a background screening. Parents are asked to provide diaper supplies for their children attending the nursery.

Why Should I Attend the Nursery?

The Cathedral nursery is open to all kids to allow their parents time to be focused on the mass.

Who Attends the Nursery?

 Children between 6 months and 4 ½ years. 

Where Is the Nursery?

The nursery is on the first floor of the cathedral and can be shown to you by the receptionist.

When Is the Nursery Open?

Every Sunday during 9 am mass, 10:30 am mass, and 12 pm mass.

How To Sign Up For the Nursery?

It is first come first serve, and they do not charge for this but accept donations.

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