Life Teen

What is Life Teen?

Life Teen is an organization where the mission is to create a joyful community of growing disciples in love with Christ and His Church. Life Teen places each teen in a small group that remains consistent throughout one year (or multiple) with young adult leaders intentionally journeying with the teen. Sunday night Life Teen gatherings are focused on three things: building community at a small group level to help teens feel connected to the Church, providing relevant and engaging teachings on the Catholic faith to give teens a place to both learn and ask questions about the faith, and leading teens to encounter Jesus through different experiences of prayer and worship. Life Teen leaders work to create an inspiring, sacramental, fun retreat and trip experiences to lead teens to encounter moments with Jesus.

Why Should I Attend Life Teen?

Life Teen allows you to be connected to a joyful community of teens striving for holiness and having a personal and growing relationship with God. Life Teen aims to foster a love for and understanding of the Catholic Church and the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Reconciliation, among teens, and encourage them as they continue their faith journey by plugging into a Catholic community.

Where is Life Teen?

Life Teen is held in Catholic churches around the world. At Christ the King in Atlanta, it is held in Kenny Hall, which is inside the church across the hall from the cathedral. At Holy Spirit, it’s held at the Youth Center, two floors under Saint Mary’s Chapel.

Who Attends Life Teen?

All 9th-12th graders are invited to come!

When is Life Teen?

At the Cathedral of Christ the King, Life Teen is every Sunday night starting in September, it runs after the 4 pm mass from 5-6:45. At Holy Spirit, it’s Sundays, 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

How Do I Get Started?

For Life Teen at Christ the King, you can email Kate Curran

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