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What Are Community Groups?

Community Groups are a great way to connect and form deeper relationships with people at Passion who live near you. Passion’s 20+ Community Groups meet monthly around the city offering a time of fellowship and a place to encourage one another in your faith journey.

Why Join a Community Group?

Passion is a large church, and community groups help it feel smaller. These groups meet across the city to help you connect with others who live near you and encourage relationship-building that goes deeper than simply saying hi on a Sunday morning.

Who Attends Community Groups?

Anyone 18 and older is welcome to attend Community Group gatherings.

Where Are Community Groups Held?

Community Groups meet throughout Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs at restaurants, galleries, and other gathering places. There is an interactive map on the Community Groups page where you can see the locations of groups around the city.

When Are Community Groups?

Community Groups meet once a month, on a weekday evening from 7:30-9:30 pm.

How Do I Get Started?

To find out details on community groups and request info on specific groups, visit the Community Group page.

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