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Fr. Donald Calloway’s Consecration to St. Joseph

Why You Want to Read Consecration to St. Joseph

We are living in a time in which people do not see the value of the Church, the family, and masculinity. Many people struggle with seeing the value of virtues. Now is the time to ask St. Joseph for guidance. By reading Father Donald Calloway’s book Consecration to St. Joseph, we consecrate ourselves to this great saint, and in return, he helps us grow in virtues such as humility, courage, prudence, faithfulness, and justice. If you are looking for a guide to help begin or strengthen your relationship with the Patron of the Universal Church, Fr. Donald Calloway’s Consecration to St. Joseph is a great place to start!


What does “consecration to St. Joseph” mean? According to the author, “It basically means that you acknowledge that [St. Joseph] is your spiritual father, and you want to be like him.” Fr. Calloway highlights the power of entrusting oneself to St. Joseph, which will help one “acquire his virtues and become holy.”

The priest writes in three parts to provide his audience not only with knowledge of the great saint but also with daily prayers that help one develop a “loving relationship with your spiritual father”. Part I is the 33-day Preparation for the Consecration, Part II is titled The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father, and Part III is the Prayers to St. Joseph. In Part I, Fr. Calloway proceeds to base each daily lesson on the titles that St. Joseph is given in the Litany of St. Joseph (for example, “Zealous Defender of Christ”, “Head of the Holy Family”, and “Terror of Demons”.)

In Part II, the author recounts the ten wonders of St. Joseph. This includes miracles with the saint’s intercession, such as the miraculous staircase in New Mexico. Visions from mystics on St. Joseph are also recounted in this part, as well as quotes and teachings from saints and Catholic religious leaders. For instance, Fr. Calloway quotes Mother Angelica to prove a point that St. Joseph was a strong, vivacious man rather than an elderly man caring for Jesus and Mary (“Old men don’t walk to Egypt!”)

In Part III, Fr. Calloway includes prayers to help one develop the love and trust for St. Joseph that the readers are called to nurture. This includes the Litany of St. Joseph, prayers written by saints such as St. Louis de Montfort and St. Pope Pius X. The priest also includes consecration prayers that serve as options for Consecration Day.  

Review and Personal Insights

People of all ages, especially young adults, should list Consecration to St. Joseph on their 2023 reading list. This book sheds light on the examples and lessons that St. Joseph teaches us, namely the power of virtue and obedience to the Lord. As young adults explore their life directions and career trajectories, and if they are looking for spiritual renewal, it is a good idea to consecrate oneself to the patron saint of workers and to read Consecration to St. Joseph.

Father Calloway does an exceptional job at writing this book in readable chunks for each of the 33 days of the consecration. If you miss a day, the author simply encourages you to make up for it the next day. The guide is simple to follow and opens one’s eyes to the priceless contributions that St. Joseph made in the story of salvation, as well as the fruitful blessings that he can help bring to the story of the readers. 

Written by Polo Vargas