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Five Best Concerts To See This Summer For the Christian Millennial Rocker

Summertime means outdoor concert season begins! If you didn’t know, Live Nation released their outdoor summer concerts list. If you’re a Christian millennial rocker, we saved you some time and picked out the best ones. Come back IRL and grab a drink, dance, and hang out with your friends. Grab your tickets soon though because these shows are selling out!

5. Maverick City Music with Kirk Franklin

June 5th | Cellairis Amphitheater at Lakewood

This contemporary Christian music group was founded in Atlanta and made its debut in 2019. They’re a diverse group of talented musicians who want to come together and worship God. In 2021, they released a collaborative album with Elevation Worship which only made them a bigger household name in the Contemporary Christian music industry. Kirk Franklin is a sixteen-time Grammy award-winning choir director, gospel singer, and dancer. This concert will be a beautiful opportunity to worship alongside other Christians while hearing the incredibly talented group that is Maverick City Music.

You can find more information about tickets, the group, and the venue here.

4. Sheryl Crow and Keb’ Mo’

July 19th | Cadence Bank Amphitheater at Chastain Park

If you’ve lived in the south for any length of time, you’ve heard of Sheryl Crow. She’s a southern music icon whose talent spans many different genres. She’s released ten studio albums and been the soundtrack of various movies. She’s an icon you don’t want to miss in concert. Keb’ Mo’ is a five-time Grammy award-winning blues musician. He’s been playing the blues since the 1970s and hasn’t stopped. These two talented musicians are worth the tickets to see a masterclass in how blues and southern rock are done.

You can find more information about tickets, the artists, and the venue here.

3. Josh Groban

July 16th | Cadence Bank Amphitheater at Chastain Park

Josh Groban is one of the most prolific singers of our time. He’s been on and off-Broadway, on television, in movies, and is a classically trained singer. He has done it all and can sing beautifully. His discography ranges from Italian classical music to movie soundtracks. His music will move you as you enjoy the outdoor venue at Chastain Park. Josh Groban is an artist you do not want to miss.

You can find more information about tickets, the artist, and the venue here.

2. OneRepublic and Needtobreathe

August 30th | Ameris Bank Amphitheater

Growing up in the 2010s you’ve heard both of these bands on the radio on the ride home from school. OneRepublic is most famous for their hit song from 2013, “Counting Stars“. The song put the band on everyone’s radar and they’ve continued to make music since then. In contrast, Needtobreathe has been around for years. If you grew up listening to Christian radio, you most likely heard a few of their songs. While they are technically a ‘Christian’ band they don’t have the contemporary Christian sound you would expect. Both bands offer a pop sound with more rock influences. This will be an awesome concert to see with some friends or with your family. Either way, it’s one you can dance to and have a lot of fun at.

You can find more information about tickets, the bands, and the venue here.

1. Collective Soul and Switchfoot

September 10th | Cadence Bank Amphitheater at Chastain Park

You might be wondering why a post-grunge group from the 90s and early 2000s Christian rock group would be a number one pick. These two groups are a match made in alternative rock heaven. Along with the fact, Collective Soul has been rocking out since 1992 and hasn’t stopped. These two bands are completely different but very similar in sound. If you don’t know who Collective Soul are, they’re native to the Atlanta area and have a had many chart-topping records. Switchfoot is a rock band from San Diego, California that has been creating music since 1996. Both bands have 90s foundations in rock and alternative music but being from two different places makes their sounds different but similar. This is a 90s rock lover’s dream concert!

You can find more information about tickers, the bands, and the venue here.

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