What is the Liturgy Ministry?

This, in a sense, is a job in order to spread God’s word to the mass. Altar Servers are responsible for assisting the celebrant, lectors are responsible for proclaiming the word of God, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EM) for assisting in the distribution of the holy communion, and Ushers for seating the congregation and taking up the collection. 

Why Should I Join the Liturgy Ministry?

This allows you to not only be engaged in the mass but allows you to have the mass to continue on. 

Who is Involved in the Liturgy Ministry?

Altar Servers start in 4th grade, EMs need to have gone through confirmation, and lectors need to be in high school. Ushers help in the back and if interested in being an usher you can contact the usher that’s serving the mass.

Where do You Serve in these Roles?

 These are all held at Christ the King during mass.

When is This Ministry Being Held?

Training for these things is needed, Altar Servers are required to serve at least once a month, and EM’s and ushers are optional depending on the specific mass they attend. 

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