What Is Canopy?

Canopy offers Gatherings (social experiences) and Stages (talks on topics that are important and relevant) for young adults to create spaces for connecting with other single young adults.

Why Should I Attend a Canopy Gathering?

It can be hard to find like-minded single adults, and who enjoys swiping? Canopy was created to fill this gap and create meaningful experiences for single young adults to connect.

Who Attends Canopy Gatherings?

Single young adults in Atlanta are all welcome! Some events are curated specifically for recent grads (22-25) or those a little older (25-34). A few events are offered each season for single parents as well.

Where Are Canopy Gatherings Held?

Gatherings are held all over the city–think brunch, a hike up Stone Mountain, dinner, or a workout class. Stages are held at Buckhead Church.

When Are Canopy Gatherings Held?

Canopy events happen throughout the year and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. You can attend one event per season.

How Do I Get Started?

Events require registration, and they fill quickly! To ensure that you are among the first to know about upcoming Gatherings and Stages, sign up for the email newsletter or check out the Canopy Social website, or follow them on social media (@canopysocial).

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